What Makes People Share and Retweet Blog Posts Anyway?



Although you may be thinking that in order to make it worth sharing, your content must be great, original and have an out-of-this-world quality about it, you are only partly right. There are various factors that make a piece of content worth sharing with others; here are  some that have been proven to work time and again:



We need to distinguish between two different types of posts. The first type of post is about something that has happened that week or that day, for example related to a Google update or the death of Steve Jobs. This type of content will lose popularity and become ‘old news’ with the passing of time. In the other hand, there are the types of blog posts which are always fresh and relevant, whose value does not diminish over time, for example ‘Internet Marketing Strategies For Bloggers’. These posts have the greatest potential of being shared continuously over time.



How far your post or article or tweet can spread depends on how many connections you have – people who are your fans on Facebook; people you are linked to on LinkedIn; the number of followers on Twitter and Google+, as well as your email list subscribers. Then, it also depends on the connections of your connections. If you can get your post Retweeted by someone with thousands of connections, then your post is going to reach far wider than if it is Retweeted by someone with few connections.


Improving Your Results

Successfully marketing your business and getting the results you want is not just a matter of luck, there are actually important steps you can take to improve your results.

  1. Continue to grow your email list and audience on social media; market yourself and network with the movers and shakers of your niche. this leads to increasing trust and becoming an authority in your niche.
  2. Continue to produce great content with headlines that ensure people open and read your posts or emails. Remember, it should be useful and memorable. For instance, who wouldn’t want to share a great offer, a piece of surprising news or great advice that will help a person reach their goals – be it blogging successfully, finding love or buying the best grill on the market?
  3. Include strong calls to action (CTAs) in your content i.e. tell people what you want them to do with it.


Finally, always keep up your brand image and be yourself. It’s important that you keep up the particular voice of your blog. If it’s humor that works for your audience, then by all means give them their fill. If your readers look to you for guidance because you have a knack for explaining jargon in a simple way they can understand, then keep on writing with that in mind! They will want to share that particular something that sets you apart from other  bloggers, with like-minded individuals.

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    Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing this I already had seen more people retweeting my tweets and sharing my blog post. It really helps. Thanks!
    Linda recently posted..schiphol parkerenMy Profile

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    Definitely, one has to start with good content. Then I would agree that a good headline probably makes the biggest difference in shareable contet. Finally, finding a good trending topic increases the likelihood of your content being shared, but I think thats a lesser factor than the first two.
    richard recently posted..Adventures in Ecommerce: 5 Free Ways to Promote Your New Ecommerce BusinessMy Profile

  3. avatar

    I dont know what it is, but I very very rarely will share posts, unless I’ve specifically been asked to by a friend or it’s an exceptionally good post that I think will benefit my friends. Otherwise I’ll just bookmark it for my own references if Im really that interested in it
    Robert recently posted..Alternative to Siri for iPhone 4/iPhone 3GSMy Profile

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    Paul Profitt

    Hello Zelda

    The blog posts. That are shared the most on my site. Are the ones where I explained how I did something. That achieved a positive or negative result.

    By contrast. The blog posts that are shared the least. On my site are the ones where I indicate that there is a need to spend money. And do some work. Such as Blogging or Article writing.
    Paul Profitt recently posted..How To Use Twitter For BusinessMy Profile

    • avatar
      Zelda Zerafa

      Richard, I agree that a good headline is important, otherwise your email or post may just be deleted without being read.People’s attention spans are getting increasingly shorter!

      Robert, you admitted that people like you do not share often unless asked to – so a call to action (CTA) is required; also helpful to encourage readers like you to share is that there is a universal benefit that can be had from the post.

      Paul, you have confirmed what Robert said : How To.. articles with benefits that are relevant to a large audience are the most popular. ‘Salesy’ posts ,on the other hand, are the least popular.

      So to sum up we can say that the winners are:

      1. Interesting headline
      2. The article teaches you how to do something or explains something in better detail.

      Thanks all for reading and leaving your comments!

  5. avatar

    Most of the time content, but quite often friendship with fellow blogger, as well as I like to re-read already read articles, if content is good.
    Carl recently posted..Kaloyan Banev updated blog entry Interview with Mavis Nong in InterviewsMy Profile

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    Itender Rawat says:

    Its the unique feature to promote your product or site……..Social network help us to share and learn…..Nice work author
    Itender Rawat recently posted..How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Using TwitterMy Profile

    • avatar
      Zelda Zerafa

      Thanks Itender. Sharing and learning is a great thing!

      Carl, I agree that friendships are also a factor in why people share content. That’s why building contacts on social media is so important.

  7. avatar
    Ricky says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. I am going to get more social and hopefully some of these tips help. I need to start a wild fire. I have all kinds of good posts up, but they seem to not be getting the attention they deserve. Thanks a bunch.
    Ricky recently posted..Have a Hypnotic Hypnosis HolidayMy Profile

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    Greek music meloman says:

    If you are commercial – write about celebrities, movies, music, entertainment, gossips – you will easily be re-tweeted and favourited. What’s more if your content is unique and you tag the celebrity and his PR team sees it, you may get re-tweeted and gain exposure to thousands of fans.
    Greek music meloman recently posted..CNN broadcasted a TV program about Serbian turbo-folk musicMy Profile

  9. avatar

    It seems basic doesn’t it? Write content that addresses a relevant topic, give it a compelling title, make sure you have a strong CTA, and then just send it out there. Oh well…if it were easy, there wouldn’t be any reward to it right?
    sethlyman recently posted..Nono Reviews – A look at some customer reviews for the no!no! 8800My Profile

  10. avatar
    zelda zerafa

    Sathlyman, we are all chasing the magic… It’s not that hard to play mediocre tennis but it’s not everyone who can be Rafael Nadal :)

    Good point Greek music meloman!

  11. avatar
    Raj says:

    From my experience on social networks, content that has entertainment value – be it blog posts or videos get shared more often. Content that reeks of promotional content hardly gets noticed…
    Raj recently posted..Article Writing Service for Improving SERP RankingsMy Profile

  12. avatar
    Robin Jennings

    Having a good reputation amongst your social media connections really helps drive the retweet and traffic.
    Robin Jennings recently posted..Image file types- Which should you Use?My Profile

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    Lauren Smith says:

    I think humor is a good tool to get RT’s and shares, you can’t expect everybody to share content that is dull and not universal!

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