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Fast paced. This is the adjective that can best describe how we handle everything nowadays. Snail mails, calling via a home phone and pagers are a thing of the past. The birth of a new era has begun. And its twin—the social media industry—is taking the lead.

Businesses, politicians and celebrities prosper in the social media world. This kind of interaction allows the smooth flow and exchange of ideas, and reshaped how we communicate with each other.

But where is that interaction taking us? Here are a few predictions about how this will affect and further dictate our future:


1.   It will be more as a tactic to attract and gain more customers

Jim Spinello, Senior VP of Marketing Communications at rEvolution, predicts that social media will be more of a tactic than a mere strategy. It will be part of every business’ approach to further grow their business. He compared the social media to a bullet train—fast-tracking its way to unknown destinations. If businesses do not ride this train, they might never have the chance to do so.


2.   The content marketing industry will see further expansion

Social media sites need to have fresh content and ideas. This is to cope with the ever-increasing demand to compete and stay at the top of the ranking pages. It would be difficult for one person to update the site daily, however. Hence, outsourcing of content, as it is happening now, will continue to increase in the future.


3.   Word-of-mouth marketing will flourish

Heather Lopez of Mom Entrepreneur sees Social Media as an evolution of word-of-mouth marketing. Her view is that more and more companies will learn to put the personal benefits of customers first before their own profit. This will further strengthen a customer’s loyalty to a particular brand. A loyal customer can refer friends, family and colleagues, which would then help any company tap into a wider network.


4.   Less use of traditional surveys. It will become a major source of gathering feedback from clients

Another prediction is that social media will dictate and reshape how companies gather feedback from customers. Surveys will be a thing of the past, as companies will depend on their sites to gather pertinent details about their clientele. Feedback and comments will replace survey sheets. This is probably one of the greatest evolutions it has to offer—the transparency of customers’ thoughts and how the company will handle it.


5.   The primary source of information

One great futuristic outlook is that social media will be the main source of information in the near future. This has already started, in fact. Every time an individual searches for reviews on a particular product, they are looking for information. Social sites will likely be the sole provider of useful and opinionated information.

Everything evolves with time, and social media is not exempted from this. What started out as a way to connect with other people may soon change the way we gather information in the future.



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    Ipsita Sahoo

    Social media is capturing the advertising market very easily because of its automatic nature. As the technology advances it becomes more and more popular. As the number of customer increase it will attract more advertisers.
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    This is really good information. Thanks for sharing.

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    I personally use social media as brand building strategy. Honestly, have never got traffic that converts as good as organic, however definitely this may change in near future.

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    Mike Huiwitz says:

    We might as well bid goodbye to traditional media…
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    Nasser says:

    social media adds to my life all the time advantage and great mood to.. so really thanks so much for you because you gives us a nice and very good ideas to my mind…. really thanks so much for sharing … social media adds to my life all the time advantage and great mood to.. so really thanks so much for you because you gives us a nice and very good ideas to my mind…. really thanks so much for sharing …

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