Marketing on LinkedIn – Are You Doing It Right?



The importance of using LinkedIn for marketing is something which is often overlooked in favor of putting more effort into Twitter or Facebook. The network differs somewhat from Facebook in that the atmosphere is more formal, it’s by nature a hangout for professional people rather than the place to post what you had for breakfast or cute pictures of your kids.

The following are must-haves for successful marketing on LinkedIn:


A Good Profile

This is where you start, the most basic of basics. You need to upload a professional picture of yourself or use a logo to build your brand. Then fill in information relating to your activity and past experience. You can also customize your public address and link to Twitter so that you can share content.


People, Groups and Connections

If you’re looking to sell something or provide a service then you need to find people who are interested in what you have to offer. Join a few groups on the network and connect with people you know already. Find interesting people you are connected to directly or indirectly and ask for introductions. When joining groups, don’t just hang out with peers but also look for places where your potential clients hang out. What are they talking about? What demographic are they? Take note of this for future blog posts, services and marketing efforts. Another way of being helpful and building authority and trust is to go to LinkedIn Answers and sharing your expertise there. Ask for recommendations from people you have helped.


Content and updates

Post updates and content which will interest people in your niche.  LinkedIn Today is a news service which could pick up your story if it is shared enough. Therefore, very importantly you must have a share button available with your post.



Just like on Facebook, you can use ads on LinkedIn to find new clients. You need a headline, some content and then  you can choose the demographic of your target audience geographically, buy industry, age and more.


Company Page

Just as you can build a page rather than a profile on Facebook, the same applies to LinkedIn. Use your brand colors and logo and put your products or services on the products page . You can also list vacancies and employees.


Measure your efforts

Use LinkedIn analytics to get information on all of the following:

  • Clicks
  • Views
  • Percentages

Apps for a better experience

Run polls,  .. and more with LinkedIn apps.



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    I agree that LinkedIN is a great untapped resource for people marketing their business on the internet. On thing that I find extremely difficult with LinkedIn though is its antiquated SEO.

    What do I mean by this? Do a “people” search for any of the competitve marketers and you will see a MASSIVE example of keywords stuffing. For example, type in “SEO” or “Social Media”. When you read the whole profile you will see what I am talking about.

    • avatar
      Mohamed Osam

      Interesting observation Matt, I guess the power of LinkedIn is more of the network itself as well others searching within LinkedIn, not much of an SEOed site I believe.

  2. avatar

    I’ve never actually thought of using LinkedIn to actively promote myself online. I feel it’s more geared towards the professional side of the web, rather than for blogging
    Robert recently posted..5 Killer Tips To Increase Your Smartphones Battery LifeMy Profile

  3. avatar

    Will it do any betterment in traffic?I dont think so?
    aadith recently posted..Motorola Defy Mini Xt320My Profile

  4. avatar

    Linked in it is not too bad i have started to look at the uses i need it for. Search Engine Optimization is the business i am in and the social networks are becoming or have become a force to be used to some extent there are a few who abuse this area. Linked in is fairly new too the scene so let see how she goes.

  5. avatar
    Rizwan Sultan

    Great article Zelda! I really appreciate the tips you shared about LinkedIn. It really is a great platform for networking and building relationships with people in your industry.
    Rizwan Sultan recently posted..motivation blogMy Profile

  6. avatar
    zelda zerafa

    Thanks Rizwan! As you and Steve said, social networks including LinkedIn are not be ignored.

    Aadith, you can use LinkedIn ofr people to find your services and products. You can also post links. It can definitely help traffic IMO.

    Robert, it can help pro bloggers… still a professional and still a way for people to find you…

  7. avatar
    Beth says:

    Hi Zelda

    I too thought LinkedIn was merely a place to make a profile and list your qualifications, didn’t think that you could run ads on the platform. I don’t think many people are talking about using LinkedIn to market on so there could be some potential there, thanks for the post, it’s got my brain whirring!
    Beth recently posted..How to Get Him Back After Pushing Him AwayMy Profile

  8. avatar
    Enrika says:

    Thank you for the tips…I am hoping that this can help a lot and I also hope you can post more to inspire and help a lot of people…

  9. avatar
    Janice says:

    Is Linkedin still as powerful as its beginning?

  10. avatar

    Testimonials received through LinkedIn account is an excellent resource for securing a high profile job. It’s like an online resume where your past employers and colleagues contribute to your success.
    George recently posted..Enjoy Your Long Drive With Your Favorite PlaylistMy Profile

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