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Mediocre blog guest posts doesn’t cut it in the blogging world. Once you find a popular blog with high quality for guest posts, you are supposed to write compelling articles which the readers could appreciate. Writing a guest post with fewer amounts of efforts will not be entertained by the bloggers for which you are writing guest articles. You may wonder why to write quality articles for others rather doing the same for own blog, the answer is pretty inevitable- you get good traffic from there provided you write quality articles. Hence guest posts are not for mediocre writings. Also, writing guest posts just to get backlinks isn’t a good idea. Instead you must continue putting good efforts in producing high quality articles for guest posts rather merely for the backlinks. The below are few reasons why you should end up writing quality guest posts.


It Gives More Exposure

If you are keen to get good attention to your guest post you cannot achieve it via putting fewer amounts of efforts in it. If you aspire to see more number of readers checking your articles and applauding then quality is a must in your guest posts. In fact, the success is measured by the number of comments you get over your article. So if you find 20 comments, 30 likes, and 50 tweets then only you can claim the readers liked your post. This will certainly drive people towards your own blog thus boosting your business prospects as well. So it is recommended to check your previous posts and see the response you received at different articles.


Build Relationship With Different Bloggers

Establishing a good relationship with the other bloggers is a vital thing to make your presence felt over the web. If you put good efforts in producing high quality guest posts, it would definitely pay you back by building a good rapport with different bloggers you write.


Portrays Your Brand

Some of the bloggers purely focus on SEO hence write articles by stuffing a number of keywords in their guest posts. This is among the most common mistakes committed by bloggers and guest post writers. Blogs do not have any value for such articles. Only the inferior quality blogs would entertain such posts. The guest posts you write for different blogs are a reflection of your brand which you represent hence articles stuffed only with keywords would mar its reputation. Through these guest posts you are supposed to showcase your readers that you are committed to render them quality stuffs for which you are competent enough to produce.


Get Good Backlinks

By posting quality articles over different guest posts you are bound to get good backlinks which are often the goal of many bloggers doing this work. These backlinks would therefore boost your SEO value to a great extent. Therefore various people over the web would link through a number of blogs, social networking profiles, forums etc. Your post should be witty, informative or thought provoking. Remember, it should be link-worthy.


Final word

Guest posts are the best ways to promote your blog; however, it has no place for mediocre quality articles. Hence if you want to extract the real success out of it, you are supposed to produce high quality articles. This will help in building your powerful brand image.


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    TechFlashed says:

    Guest post is based on faith and yes on the quality . The opportunity for writing a guest post should be taken with responsibility and care .
    TechFlashed recently posted..All Doodles Collection For London Olympics 2012 From Google’s DoodleMy Profile

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    I have had really good luck with finding guest posters, but me myself have not been able to become a guest poster… yet.

    Thanks for the good read!
    Joe recently posted..Interior car detailing, your health depends on it.My Profile

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    andrew says:

    It can also go both ways. I have seen guest bloggers not getting credits when they guest posts in one site.
    andrew recently posted..Robredo’s Plane Crash Underwater videoMy Profile

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    Gaurav says:

    Nice list of sites! Last I checked the comluv search engine wasn’t updated tho so it can be difficult to find relevant blogs in your niche if they’re not showing up in the search engine

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    Jospeh L. says:

    I have done pretty good at building relationships with other bloggers and that has allowed me more opportunities which has allowed me to get my backlink count up. Now if I can only get them to allow my to guest post on their blogs we will be in business. (Pun intended)
    Jospeh L. recently posted..Getting Rid of Brake DustMy Profile

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    Amber Wendover

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. While I don’t have any guest posts on my blog (yet) I think these are really good tips for us to remember both when writing for other blogs and people writing for ours. Great reminders.
    Amber Wendover recently posted..ControversyMy Profile

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    I really wish I could do more guest posts on my business blog but unfortunately not allowed to do cross promoting. Still have to try to have quality content though. x
    christine recently posted..-My Profile

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    Andrew Legion

    I have been considering getting into doing Guest Posting lately. I believe that guest blogging is most important to enhance the value of a blog and can help improve the development of the blog into a more positive direction. I agree with Margaret Jules and welcome her valuable topic. So this topic will clear many points why a new blog hit by guest posting. Actually it is more productive and gives you a better result that the reader there will be surely go and visit your blog.
    Andrew Legion recently posted..Tally peacocking like a twatMy Profile

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    Shaun Hoobler says:

    Couldn’t agree more. That’s why if ever we allow guest posts on our blogs,we should only those of quality.

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