Five Reasons You Need to Find New Blogs Today!



Sometimes blogging can put you into a routine, and while that may be productive, it can also end up hurting you in the long run. I decided not too long ago that I needed to find new blogs, and not just once, but every few days. It’s easy to just find the top blogs in a specific niche, if we take blogging for example, I’m sure most of you know Famous BloggersProBlogger, Daily Blog Tips or CopyBlogger, but it’s not enough, you need to find new ones, and here’s why I feel this way.


My 5 Reasons to Find New Blogs Today!


1. Find a new blog for a new perspective

After a while of reading the same persons posts about a topic, it’s great to be able and to “hear” a new voice, whether the opinion about the subject be the same or not. I have a big interest in hockey, and used to read only a handful of blogs and it was always the same rumors and criticisms that came back, but then one day I decided I was fed up of hearing the same thing over and over, finding new blogs about hockey gave me a different perspective, some I had never even thought of before.


2. Find new blogs to comment on

When you head over to the big blogs, chances are you’ll see a lot of the same names over and over again in the comments, and that’s great to build a reputation, but that also means a lot of the readers are the same. If you find new pages to post comments on, you open up your exposure to new people, which could mean new visitors and customers for you. Also from an SEO standpoint, for those of you commenting for SEO purposes, this will add extra domains linking back to your website.


3. Find new blogs for ideas and inspiration

I have read almost every post on ProBlogger, Daily Blog Tips and CopyBlogger for the past 2 years, and I’ve learned a lot, but often times it’s nothing new, it’s the pros or the guest posters trying to please the pros. Meanwhile at the smaller blogs, I’m finding all kinds of ideas, I’m not sure if it’s because they have less experience, but they often seem to leave posts unfinished or with questions that I know the answers to, so this opens up the possibility of new blog post ideas for my own blog, or guest posts.


4. Find new blogs to guest post on

A little bit like my second point, this will allow you to find new readers, people that haven’t heard of you or what you offer. You can reach a whole new audience of people that can be potential subscribers or customers.


5. Find new blogs for networking opportunities

You may think I’m speaking of the same thing as my second and fourth points, but I’m not speaking about the networking opportunities that exist with the readers of the new blog you have found, but instead the blog owner themselves. Think about it, if you’re blogging about a certain niche and you go to the top people you will be able to learn from them, they will mentor you, you will buy the services or products you recommend and then you will thank them for it. Well, the exact opposite is true as well, if you mentor someone from a smaller blog in your niche, they will trust you, buy the services and products you recommend and thank you for it.


Do you think these are good reasons to go find new blogs today?

How many blogs do you read or comment on?



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    I agree with all your points and this is the reason I have started a few more blogs with altogether different subjects. I wish I had this idea 3 years back once I stepped into this game anyhow, it is never too late to start
    Dolly recently posted..What Dress Should a Woman Wear at her WorkplaceMy Profile

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    You forgot to add Incomediary. :P

  3. avatar
    GelliAnnh says:

    I really agree with your points here and I think this is very helpful especially people who wanted to find new blogs…Thanks for this one!

  4. avatar
    Alex says:

    You’re right! New blogs is for networking purposes. One way of getting more followers and readers is to find many blogs.

  5. avatar

    Thought provoking post.

    Emerging talent is the most undervalued asset in the blogosphere. There are really good “undiscovered” new blogs out there.
    Shamelle recently posted..How To Prevent Copy Paste Bloggers & Auto Bloggers From Stealing Your Blog Post ContentMy Profile

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    I agree with many of those mentioned points. But the main reason for visiting the new blog in my opinion is new ideas and inspiration..)
    Gaurang recently posted..Organize Photo via face recognition with FotobounceMy Profile

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    Hi Jamie, I have also been looking for new blogs to read so your post is for timely, I found you from Twitter by following a link from your direct message.

    I have found the same to be true, that the bigger blogs tend to say the same things over and over again. It seems strange to me. But it does tend to be that way. Thanks for posting this.
    david recently posted..Are There Any Real Benefits To Having 90,000 Twitter Followers?My Profile

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    Cricket of Tripping Tuesdays

    I try to find new blogs to comment on, as well. I do this to hopefully get more readers, and for SEO. It does take a lot of my time and research, however. I have never thought about creating more new blogs of my own since I have such a hard time cultivating the one I have, along with my family and other time commitments. I guess at this time, I’m going to have to stick with one and hope for the best. Thank you for a great, thought-provoking post.
    Cricket of Tripping Tuesdays recently posted..Overindulgence Last Night, Hangover Today: How to Feel Better FasterMy Profile

  9. avatar
    Roger Green

    Good idea, tho time seems to be at a premium this month.
    Roger Green recently posted..H is for Help!, the Beatles albumsMy Profile

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    Derek says:

    Great list of reasons to find new blogs! I’m constantly looking for new blogs, mainly for inspiration. If others can do it, then so can I. I also love to read the experiences of other people, which I usually end up learning something new also.
    Derek recently posted..Unlimited Free Delta SkyMiles With SkyMiles DiningMy Profile

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    I think many blogs have same topics, so, there is no something new came up.

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    Young Investor Blog

    Not only new blogs, but better quality blogs. I will always be on the look out for great advice and tips. I do not mind paying it forward, promoting these cool blogs with their excellent information, advice and arguments. Provide something for others and produce great content. Others will help you out. What about guest posting and accepting guest posts? Both are great for new and old blogs a like.
    Young Investor Blog recently posted..Is the New Burger King Menu Making you Want to Invest in Fast Food Stocks?My Profile

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    Raaj Trambadia

    Very true! This is why you need to find new blogs! Developing new relations with different bloggers is always a great thing to do! Cheers :D

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    Owner | Vintage Rail Posters says:

    It’s so important to keep a good fresh list of blogs for SEO purposes. Hitting the same posts over and over again each month won’t help!

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