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There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites at the moment. They have got such an immense popularity because with time they have changed a lot of things and have provided the users new experiences with new elements in the website.


Displaying 10 advertisements in one page

Before, Facebook used to show seven advertisements on each page. Now it displayed ten advertisements in one page. This is mainly because now, most of the advertisers are using Facebook as their platform. However, this may make the competition among the advertisers little tougher as they have to compete with the other advertisers at the same page.


Displaying who has checked every post

Now you will be able to see on the Facebook page that who has checked what post as Facebook is showing who has seen a post and at what time. They are doing it for each post. It can be quite wonderful for the Facebook users as they will be able to see who has checked the post and they can communicate with that person better.


Availability of App Center

This is one of the most amazing news for the Facebook users. 100% of the users from the countries like United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland will be able to access Facebook App Center from which they will be able to get the suitable apps for their mobile. There they will find different categories like music, and games etc. and they can download music and games for their mobile. Facebook is going to sell HTML apps is well.


Timeline design in the mobiles

Facebook has added latest features like a big ‘Like’ button. They are providing timeline design in the mobiles also. This is going to be extremely interesting for the Facebook users as now a lot of people log into Facebook from mobile.


Editing comments in Facebook

Before, there was no edit option after making a comment. Therefore, any kind of spelling mistake could not have been rectified. Now, Facebook has added an edit option by the help of which you can rectify any spelling, grammatical or any other mistakes you have made in your comment. This will work in both Fan Pages and private profiles.


Post with location

Now in Facebook, the users can post something with the location. Therefore, if you are posting the picture of your home or the pictures of a place where you have recently visited with the added location and it will help others to see the exact location.


Highlighting post

Now, in Facebook you can highlight a post. It will take the width of the total timeline. This option is just brilliant to post any picture of a eye catching scenery or a post for which you need more attention.

A lot of new games and apps are also added in the Facebook and there is no doubt about the fact that all these new features have made Facebook quite more interesting for the Facebook users. They are experiencing the conveniences of the new features. As Facebook always add new features, there is always the possibility of more new features to come soon.



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    Shashwat Pradhan

    Mark Zuckerberg must stop these changes, instead they should work on new products. Great article on Facebook thogh.
    Shashwat Pradhan recently posted..The new Jelly BeanMy Profile

  2. avatar

    I seems to me that Facebook like the many social media sites before it is on its way out. Anyone who wants in on the Social millions just need apply… with something fresh and new.
    Joe recently posted..Follow these helpful tips and you will save GALLONS of gas.My Profile

  3. avatar
    Tim says:

    Yeah, Facebook is a new religion today. Currently it has more profiles there than there were people on planet in the 18th century, can you imagine?
    Actually, i don’t think that displaying post’s visitors is a cook think) i wouldn’t like someone to see me checking someones post))LOL
    Thanks for the article! Great job!
    Tim recently posted..45 Best OpenCart Templates and Themes 2013My Profile

  4. avatar

    Facebook is certainly changing much faster and in turns is being much more handy too, recently i came to know that if anyone has to send message to Zuckerberg then he has to spend $100 :-)
    but the most lovely thing is that they have provided sweet API’s just because of which we have amazing apps for bloggers as Social RSS and many more. It’s really helping one a lot in managing all Social media’s from a single place.
    Bhupendra recently posted..Top facebook Apps for boggersMy Profile

  5. avatar
    TechFlashed says:

    I wish you could have added the most recent update that is the graph Search .

  6. avatar
    Jade says:

    I noticed the ‘displaying who has checked post’ when I use facebook groups

  7. avatar

    Facebook is a great tool for networking and find new followers as long as you don’t abuse it or you keep delivering really epic content. If they manages to launch the search engine option they will go to a next level. Thanks for sharing!
    Dragos recently posted..Best WordPress Themes for Book AuthorsMy Profile

  8. avatar
    Shiv says:

    Yaa I am agree with above comment Facebook is best social networking site but sometime it contain few valorous things. keep in mind before adding stranger in your network!
    Shiv recently posted..Micromax A116 : Quad Core Android Based SuperphoneMy Profile

  9. avatar

    No doubt that there is much more on technical side, that most people that are not in web development business would think about. The main challenge is speed and number of servers. To supply that much bandwidth and space plus to keep network fast and secure is probably the main challenge for web developers.
    Carl recently posted..Super User created new blog post A Decent Idea of How Everyone Spends on SEO in InfographicsMy Profile

  10. avatar
    Steve says:

    They have to continue testing and changing, just like any business. They want to be the best, most profitable they can. Especially, after their IPO went south. I would expect changes quite frequently for at least the near future.
    Steve recently posted..13 Killer Foods For Fat LossMy Profile

  11. avatar
    Margaret Jules says:

    I believe Facebook will keep on bringing more drastic changes in next 18 months. As it being a public company the stress on becoming profitable will increase and they will try to go for more features where ads could be integrated.

    Also, Facebook has not developed according to mobile , and in coming few months we should definitely see more from them which will be focusing entirely on mobile.

  12. avatar

    Hi There..!
    I am new in blogging line so speding some time laerning about bloggers and the way they work..
    i love the way u write and presents ua posts..
    hope to get ua reply and feedback for my problems..
    vaibhav recently posted..Sony PlayStation 4My Profile

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    harish says:

    facebook become an important part of life!!!!!i always love to hear something new about face book ,,thanks of sharing sharing this updated and informative post
    harish recently posted..MLM Software SolutionsMy Profile

  14. avatar

    The article is worth reading however you did not talk about the new graph search. This feature is quite interesting and its making the whole facebook search experience much much better. With this new search feature could it be giving Google a run for its money?
    Viren recently posted..Why is my email marketing ineffective?My Profile

  15. avatar
    Salu says:

    In addition Facebook has added latest features like a big ‘Like’ button. They are providing timeline design in the mobiles also. This is going to be extremely interesting for the Facebook users as now a lot of people log into Facebook from mobile.

  16. avatar
    scooby says:

    the most lovely thing is that they have provided sweet API’s just because of which we have amazing apps for bloggers as Social RSS and many more. It’s really helping one a lot in managing all Social media’s from a single place.

  17. avatar

    some of the changes should be done by Facebook however all the changes might lead to new social networking site.. the biggest challenge for Mark is to keep the facebook going at this pace and shouldn’t allow any other site to come even close to it… sometimes i feel performance of the site is a issue.. but sometimes..
    Jgar recently posted..5 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Business TodayMy Profile

  18. avatar

    Very well written and right to the point… very much appreciated.

    Facebook ads is the best advertising method and has the highest ROI. You simply make more money that you spend for the ad. Because facebook has all demographics data such as age, gender, education and interests as part of the profiles… you can laser target your ads and generate traffic with amazing results if you can achieve niche marketing.
    Vkool recently posted..How To Get Traffic – Media Traffic Meltdown Teaches Ways To Increase Traffic To WebsiteMy Profile

  19. avatar
    Jacob says:

    Thanks for sharing the new changes in Facebook.Facebook is adding a clause to the data use policy that allows it to share “information with affiliates,” i.e. other companies that Facebook owns.

    Facebook and Instagram info may now exist on the same server and won’t be kept separate, meaning the social networking can now see everything it knows about you

  20. avatar
    Duyu Nimey

    yeah me too noticed a lots of changes on facebook recently, but i hate the new style of placing ads on facebook, ads, ads everywhere on wall and beside the photo also..
    Duyu Nimey recently posted..Facebook has Second inbox [Are You aware??]My Profile

  21. avatar
    Mrs. Tucker (Patti)

    We can see everyone who has checked a post? I am missing where to see that…

  22. avatar
    Mrs. Tucker (Patti)

    Wait. In groups I can see and in messages I can see who checked, but how on a fan-based wall?

  23. avatar
    Mukesh Dutta

    Great list of Facebook developments. But some of the changes like more ads on page is not well taken by many. Anyways, great post!
    Mukesh Dutta recently posted..6 Best Ways To Increase LIKES To Your Facebook PageMy Profile

  24. avatar

    Wow Facebook is adding new new features regularly. That’s Amazing!! Great Article Margaret! Thanks for sharring :)

  25. avatar

    Thanks for sharing! Actually, Facebook has added many feature for improve user ability. I really like this changes, especially the Facebook graph search.
    Kimsea recently posted..How to Recruit More Affiliate Sales Faster With FacebookMy Profile

  26. avatar

    To be honest, somehow I don’t like timeline on Facebook! Maybe it seems so cool to some people, but I liked the old style better! wish Facebook let me use the old layout ! :)

  27. avatar
    Christopher James says:

    Know what I hate about Facebook? They change so fast before I even had the chance to enjoy their last update.

  28. avatar

    Change is definitely what makes a system better, Margaret. In the years to come, Facebook may even detect the computer and modem you are using…not a bad one if you ask me.
    Terungwa recently posted..6 PRACTICAL STEPS TO STOP PROCRASTINATION NOW!My Profile

  29. avatar
    Shirish Dhungel says:

    Editing comments feature is one of the best among these. It helped me a lot in preventing typing errors.

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