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We run multiple websites, some for business and some are just hobby blogs, but not matter what the website objective is, all websites need to be protected, and we are always looking for a better PageRank and better performance for the website.

Recently however, I started having issues with one of the websites we manage, Politics of US. We started experiencing slow performance and sometimes “HTTP Error 500-13 – Server Too Busy” error message whenever visitors try to access the website. After a few support tickets with our hosting company and some initial traffic analysis, we found that the site “seemed” to be attracting many pageviewers, significantly more than what we were expecting, to be exact 3000-4000 more pageviews/day. Great, right?! Well, you might think so, but it was actually bad news!


Bounce Rate

Switching to a larger hosting plan helped eliminate the “HTTP Error 500-13 – Server Too Busy” error, and helped a little bit with the site performance, but a deeper look into the traffic stats revealed that all this traffic we had been excited about was doing more bad than good. Our site bounce rate was gone up to the roof, from around 35% to up to 98%, users do not stay more than 1 to 2 seconds on the home page!

Bounce rate is a powerful indicator for search engines in determining which website is relevant and which one is not. With a bounce rate as high as 98%, guess what? The web site would be considered…? Any one? Yes, you guessed it right… Would be considered irrelevant!


PageRank & Search Rank

Bounce Rate by itself can have a negative impact on your website PageRank. Moreover, with a high bounce rate and irrelevant traffic, your search rank is very likely to drop as well faster than you may even think. The search keywords that used to put you at the top of the search results may never continue to do so, and rather than having your results showing up on the first page, will likely digress to the 3rd, 5th, etc., and by time completely vanish.


AdSense & Other Ad Networks Account Suspension

Google and other Ad networks consider fake or invalid traffic as one of the main techniques of “fraud”. Google Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center defines “Invalid Traffic” as “clicks and impressions on AdWords ads that Google suspects to not be the result of genuine user interest. This covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks and other mechanically generated traffic.”

Inexperienced webmaster unfortunately sometimes try to use fake traffic as a mean to inflate their website advertisement revenues. Google AdSense and the other ad networks are not idiots! They log and flag suspicious patterns and they will know which requests are legitimate and which ones are not, and will accordingly suspend and blacklist your account It may take you months to get it back (if you were even able to get it back). So, with fake traffic targeted at your website (whether by you or by others), that last check you got from AdSense might be your last one.


Drained Resources

As we have explained earlier, if you have a limited resources dedicated for your website, especially if you have it hosted on a shared hosting plan, there is a good chance you start experiencing the “Server Too Busy” error eventually, which is an indicator that you are running out of resources on your web page, and your only way out would be either to pay more for a higher hosting plan, or use Fake Traffic Blaster (FTBlaster) to get rid of that fake traffic.


Performance Issues & Intermittent Availability

When your website experiences significantly higher traffic than what you designed it to sustain in terms of code, resources, optimization, number of active plugins, etc. Once fake traffic hits your website, it is very likely that you will start suffering from a degraded performance. Pages that used to take a second or two to load, may take as 5 times as much when fake traffic is in play.

Insufficient resources will cause a classic Denial of Service (DoS) situation. Even with abundance of available resources, CPU and memory will try to share their availability among all legit and fake traffic website requests causing a slow website performance.


FTBlaster was created to address all these problems. By protecting your websites against fake traffic, you are actually protecting your business, your revenue and protecting your time and financial investment. FTBlaster will help you avoid running into the nightmares of having your AdSense account suspended, having intermittent website availability, or downgraded Search or PageRank.

Many of our websites we manage today (including this one) are configured to run FTBlaster Premium for protections against fake traffic. Take advantage of FTBlaster limited time discount and protect your websites now! Check out the FTBlaster Real-Time Statistics here!


Now, good luck and stay safe :)




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    I don’t get any fake traffic, but I am not using WordPress, actually security is pretty tight up with DDoS protection and I personally have took care to lock most unwanted bots and pings from other websites.
    Carl recently posted..Tim Edmonds created new blog post Avoiding Spyware: 5 Tips and Tricks in OtherMy Profile

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    PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Looks to be a pretty useful plugin to get rid of fake traffic. I’m extensively receiving fake traffic on one of my sites and it often goes down because of that. Time to start using FTBlaster :) .

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    This is really good information being that I have just launched a new blog

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    jun says:

    Bloggers and other Online writers should be protected from whatever things that brings negative effect to their online works. Things like fake traffic is one of these things
    jun recently posted..Materials in Soils that are Beneficial to PlantsMy Profile

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    Prince Massey says:

    You see, we -as bloggers, internet marketers, and online business owners- work real hard to keep our content rank on the web, and one of the most annoying things is to lose your site ranking for any reason, whither it was by mistake or something naturally happen (for example: Google algorithm changes), it even can get worse when someone attack your site by a fake traffic hit .
    Prince Massey recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

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    Junior Herrera says:

    Hi there, I sent out 3 solo ads yesterday and it seems like none of them received any optins at all. The ss click counter though has been updated as clicks where delivered, but the traffic receivers didn’t receive any optins. Anyone with similar experience?
    Junior Herrera recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

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    I have not encountered fake traffic I guess it’s because I have all the necessary plug ins. But as it is, you can never predict when it’s going to hit you.
    I guess it won’t hurt if I try out FTBlaster a try. Will be back with results.
    Viren recently posted..Easter Email Marketing, Some IdeasMy Profile

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    great addon I have wordpress health and fitness site and have tons of addon and never heard this one. Thanks for the share!

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    Thanks for sharing! I am concern only my website traffic and increase visitors to my blog as much as possible but I never care about your reason. thanks for aware me about fake traffic. I will start follow your advice from now on because my bound rate is 76%. May I have to decrease it.
    Kimsea recently posted..Social Media Strategy for Increase Traffic Flow InMy Profile

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    Karyn B. Finch says:

    You see, we -as bloggers, internet marketers, and online business owners- work real hard to keep our content rank on the web, and one of the most annoying things is to lose your site ranking for any reason, whither it was by mistake or something naturally happen (for example: Google algorithm changes), it even can get worse when someone attack your site by a fake traffic hit .
    Karyn B. Finch recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

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    Christopher James says:

    Luckily I don’t have any fake traffic. I may have a handful of qualified traffic. Few but qualified nonetheless. And I’ll take that any day.
    Christopher James recently posted..Tao of being A BadassMy Profile

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    Sohail Ahmed says:

    This is very good news for me because fake traffic disturbs my domains.
    Thanks Auther

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