Effective Ways to Reduce the Bounce Rates in Your Website

By Ethan Millers of bw9.com



If you’ve been spending tons on ads and SEO tactics, then you’ll want to see results. While you can’t expect miracles to happen overnight on the web, you need to ensure that your website is not encountering a high bounce rate.


What’s that?

For those who have no idea what that means, here’s a simple definition. The bounce rate is the percentage of online users that visit one page of your site but don’t feel the urge to browse any further. This could be highly detrimental to your online presence, and you need to figure out why people don’t feel like checking out your website.

If you’re set up with Google Analytics, then you will be able to keep a close tab on your bounce rate. Here’s how Google calculates that ever important percentage:

“Your Bounce Rate is the number of visits that involved one page only divided by the total number of page visits.”

The average website enjoys a little above 60% in new visits with visitors spending an average time of about 190.4 seconds on site. This means that you need to have relevant landing pages that help keep that bounce rate at a respectable level.


A few effective tips to help you as you go about that.


Placing your ads right:

Let’s face it; a large chunk of websites wouldn’t be able to stay online if it weren’t for advertisements. However, filling up your pages with ads can be extremely frustrating and irritating for a viewer.

He/she might click on an ad by mistake and be led away to a page that has no connection with what he/she is searching for. This shows your website in poor light and your bounce rate will go through the roof.

Design your page in such a way that the ads are prominent enough but not in the way of site navigation. Also ensure you have ads that are connected to the content on your site. This will help reduce the bounce rate considerably.


Keep it bright:

So your favorite color is grey and you figured why not use it on your website? Well, that’s great if you have a bright background. There are a number of sites that use such dull colors that it becomes a challenge simply to read content headings itself.

Nowadays, a large number of people browse the web from their mobile devices- smartphones, tablets, etc. This implies that your site is going to be scaled down to a variety of screen resolutions and sizes.

Make sure your contrast is at a high enough level that it makes your content easily readable on all screens. A great way to reduce high bounce rates.


Navigation issues:

How many times have you come across a site that makes you go through a treasure hunt before you can find the right piece of content? This is one of the main reasons why bounce rates are so high on websites that have poor navigation.

The visitor is looking for a clean interface that is easy to use. A few clicks should get him/her to the page the individual wants to check out. This is not always the case and visitors are left puzzled and decide to leave.

Keep your site navigation as simple as possible. If you have a lot of content, make sure it is well organized and easily searchable. Create a site map; this could really make a huge difference. Bounce rates are bound to drop if you clean up your navigation problems.


Get to the point, fast:

There are millions of websites out there, many of which will have similar content to yours. How do you ensure that your visitors stay longer than the usual one-page visit?

It’s all about telling them what they want to know within a short span of time. Grab their attention with a short and sweet message of what you’re offering. This will go a long way in keeping them on your site for a longer period of time.

These tips might not seem like major changes, but together they can make a huge difference to your site’s bounce rate. Start by working on the pages that receive a higher bounce rate than the others.


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  1. avatar

    Thanks Sara for your wise insights. Removing or deleting boring pages and putting in new and exciting content which is eye catching also deals with bounce rates effectively.

  2. avatar
    Deepak Mehra

    Hi Sara,

    these tips really useful and informative. I think if we have good writing skills we can make better in our website. the point you describe also important. I follow your step.

    Thanks for share with me this informative and useful article!!

  3. avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing your insight. I’ve worked my butt off optimizing my articles for search engine indexing. Yet, the traffic I’m getting from Google almost always has an 80%+ bounce rate.

    I have a web redesign in planning, so hopefully a more clean, professional looking theme and better navigation start retaining my new visitors.
    Nikki recently posted..Accounting Software for Mac and Apple Fans: You’ll Love it!My Profile

  4. avatar
    Marc says:

    Design for the site – the secondary, the main thing – interesting content)

    • avatar
      Radek Suchanek says:

      Even the most interesting content will be overlooked if the design of the site is poor. Balance is what you need to aim for. After all we live in a picture based age so looks does matter.

  5. avatar
    Samfrank says:

    Thanks for the insightful article that conjured quite a fair bit of friendly debates.I have noticed that my blog has been getting very high bounce rate. and i was unable to figure out the reason. most of blog lovers love my writing, still the bounce rate was getting high. today i have gained some tips that has to be worked on my blog. so let me experiment with your tips to reduce bounce rate and see if it helps me
    Samfrank recently posted..Bluehost Discount Coupon for March 2013My Profile

  6. avatar

    Thanks for good advice! I never care about the bound rate after I reader eliminate fake traffic of our post, immediately I am concern about my website. Thanks for sharing and it is so useful to me..
    Kimsea recently posted..Friendly SEO techniques for Write a Popular Blog PostMy Profile

  7. avatar

    This is a good post. Thanks for doing it. I didn’t realize that these above tips are all effective in reducing bounce rates.

  8. avatar
    Ron says:

    This is another perspective on creating content that is designed to be digested and consumed. Readability is important here but so is the idea of grouping content into segments or categories – this is most often seen in blog posts where header tags are used to break apart large walls of text.

    Ron recently posted..Como controlar los nervios – guía prácticaMy Profile

  9. avatar

    Avoid adding popup because it disrupt user experience. So let me experiment with some of your tips and see is my bounce rate improve
    WSOlist recently posted..Special Hostgator Coupon and Review | wsolist994 or wsolist25offMy Profile

  10. avatar
    Koj Tajo

    Hi Sarah Nice points to maintain a good bounce rate. I too advocate a lot on Site Navigation aspects. For me it is first and foremost. Thanks for sharing :)
    Koj Tajo recently posted..CommentLuv Enabled Blogs [A to Z] – Make Best Use.My Profile

  11. avatar
    Debashisa Jena says:

    Naviagation issues are the single important factor responsible for high bounce rate!!
    Debashisa Jena recently posted..DreamHost Vps Review – The Truely Unlimited Vps Provider In The Planet – Just $15/moMy Profile

  12. avatar
    Dhaval says:

    I think if you provide content with catchy titles and go to the point with giving examples then bounce rate would fall down as people would become your royal readers.
    Dhaval recently posted..Turn the Business Angle to 365° by Using Office 365My Profile

  13. avatar

    Often bounce rate is related to non-English speaking traffic. It might be also related to downtime or slow speed of website. The best way is to examine GA and combine stats with server logs to determine from where high bounce rate comes.
    Carl recently posted..Guest Author created new blog post There Is More To Marketing Than Advertising in Internet Marketing and SEOMy Profile

  14. avatar
    Evan says:

    hello there! I just wanted to share my personal experience. I have been working on my bounce rate for my WordPress website and have got it down to 39% to 44% avg just by making sure I have content relevant…for the search that a visitor wants and it improves page rank at the same time..thanks good post!!
    Evan recently posted..Top 40 WordPress Magazine Themes 2013 – NEWEST SHOWCASEMy Profile

  15. avatar
    Anh Le

    I’ve read several articles on this topic of reducing bounce rates but yours is my most favorite. You totally nailed it with very specific points. Love the last point the most: straight to the point! Great post!

  16. avatar

    Delete or edit page with high bounce rate helps. As always have great content and you will be able to keep the bounce rate low. Nice sharing
    WSOlist recently posted..Improving Your Site Bounce Rate for Better Google RankingMy Profile

  17. avatar
    Christine says:

    Amazing tips dear.. It will surely help me to reduce my blog bounce rate. I was known with some tips but looking for some advance tips and your tips increase my knowledge. I personally hate popups, and good design also helps to reduce the bounce rate.I just set up Google analytics and I’m pretty amazed with all the statistical data. I am happy to read these tips. Thanks buddy. Happy Blogging!!

  18. avatar
    Edwin Chan

    Thanks for the tips Sara. Getting your bounce rate under control is very important. I think navigation issues as well as poor content definitely prevents people from sticking around to see more of your website. It’s also a great idea to monitor bounce rate on Google Analytics on a regular basis to see if your bounce rate changes over time due to your on-site optimization efforts.

  19. avatar
    I. C. Daniel

    Hello Sara,

    Thanks for sharing these effective ways to reduce bounce rates.

    I subscribed this website. Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Battlefield 3 – Available for 9.99 Euro – Great DealMy Profile

  20. avatar
    Stephen Kjeldsen says:

    Thanks Sara. I think I am writing too much before getting to the point. I will try to rewrite some of my content and then see whether it helps. I will post a new comment with an update in 2 weeks or so to see if it had any effect :) I really hope I can bring down by bounce rate.

  21. avatar
    Daniel Marsh says:

    Hey Sara,
    Thanx for nice post. Design also plays an important role in reducing the bounce rate. It is not just feel and look of the website that affects the bounce rate. If you improve engagement with related posts and publish top-notch content, bounce rate dramatically decrease. The use of better pictures even help in reducing bounce rate.
    Daniel Marsh recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S4: A Brief Review RoundupMy Profile

  22. avatar
    Darek Kargul

    Great post Sara! I think the best way to keep your bounce rate low is to have a great quality uniqe content and to interlink your pages. Also another great way is to have all your out going links to open in a new tab so the visitor stays on your site all the time without having to leave or hiting the back button.
    Darek Kargul recently posted..12 Reasons Why Most Internet Marketers FailMy Profile

  23. avatar

    Hi Sara,

    People generally ignore the bounce rate consideration but actually it sends us a message that something is wrong with our site. You have highlighted the main checklists that we should follow to ensure that our bounce rate is low. I liked the last suggestion of coming to the point as I had not thought it could also be one of the reasons for bounce rate. Very useful share.
    vicky recently posted..Hostgator Hosting Review And Flat 30% Off Hostgator CouponMy Profile

  24. avatar
    Kay says:

    Bounce rate is going to be next big then that will effect in seo, and we should focus on it. Releated post will greately help, if you will place it on the right spot and in the right size.
    Kay recently posted..The Wonderful And Mystical 4.5 Billion Year Old Fukang Pallasite MeteoriteMy Profile

  25. avatar
    James says:

    Thanks for the info. I keep hearing that bounce rate is the new big thing in SEO so it may be best to concentrate in reducing bounces.
    James recently posted..Raw Dog FoodMy Profile

  26. avatar
    diwaker srivastava

    hi sara,

    very good topic and you have justified this very nicely. Everybody who want to earn some revenue scared with this bounce rate. In my opinion bounce rate is directly related to your popup ads, bad contents or choosing bad layouts etc. I like your article keep sharing with us.
    diwaker srivastava recently posted..Timepass funny imagesMy Profile

  27. avatar

    I just want say as Vakool This is a good post. Thanks for doing it. I didn’t realize that these above tips are all effective in reducing bounce rates.

  28. avatar
    Eddie Gear says:

    That is some interesting observations on Bounce rate. Are these some of the common reasons why readers bounce of a website, or have you used a heatmap to understand user navigation on your blog? Thanks.
    Eddie Gear recently posted..Writing Effective Alt Text For SEOMy Profile

  29. avatar

    Great list.
    Here are some more:

    1. Show related posts/articles
    2. Write a long article
    Rudd recently posted..How to Add Contact Form to WordPressMy Profile

  30. avatar

    Hai Sara,
    The tips mentioned above to reduce the bounce rate are really awsome. Iam currently using infolinks’s intext ads(3 ads per page) to generate revenue through my blog. I think i need to remove those ads for not letting my visitors to land in unrelated pages.

    Thanks for your valuable info. :)
    Arun recently posted..Could Computers Ever Replace Schools?My Profile

  31. avatar
    Martin says:

    A few months back I had a bounce rate around 20%, but with all thae SEO I had been doing to attract organic targeted traffic my bounce rate is climbing into a scary percentage as I get more 1st page rankings on my posts.
    Martin recently posted..Update #2: Two WordPress Themes + Two Portfolio One Page TemplatesMy Profile

  32. avatar
    Jacob says:

    I am totally agree with your point “Navigation Issues”.Have Clean, Accessible Navigation.Avoid drop-down menus or provide alternatives, since these are inaccessible on touch devices.If your site has a large amount of content, include search functionality and a site map to help visitors easily find the information they’re looking for.

  33. avatar
    Cameron Chardukian says:

    Another method of increasing the time others spend on your website are internal links. If you use them effectively they should greatly increase the number of page views you’re getting.
    Cameron Chardukian recently posted..Loving Your Body of Work by Cam ChardukianMy Profile

  34. avatar
    Debopam Banerjee says:

    Nice information Sara…. Very useful tips for every blogger…. The blog has to be made such that after coming every visitor should get glued to it, spend some time and think of coming back again…. Very good share….

  35. avatar
    Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

    thanks Sara you have written well..I love your way of writing.I am a regular reader of this site.Your article is very effective for me. thanks again.

  36. avatar
    Jane Stevens

    Bounce rate is very important for any kind of website. Everyone should look after on their bounce rate. It is really a valuable thing.

  37. avatar
    Debopam Banerjee says:

    Thank you for this relevant share….. Reducing bounce rate is indeed an important issue…. Thanks again for making such a nice article…..

  38. avatar
    Lisa says:

    Reducing the bounce rate is key for any online business or blog who has any desire to stay alive and relevant especially after the latest Penguin update. There is simply nothing worse than going to a website with ill placed ads or one that is littered with ads on every page leaving little reason to stay and check out what they have to offer. Great points and solid post all around!

  39. avatar
    Ken Glick (EEI)

    So long to write a good blog post, your bounce rates shouldn’t be too high. One thing you can do is to include one or two or even three links to previous blog posts within your current post as a way of keeping more visitors staying a little longer, just make sure that the links are to relevant previous posts.
    Ken Glick (EEI) recently posted..How Often Should I Calibrate My Gas Monitor?My Profile

  40. avatar
    Lisa Chaves

    Glad I found your post. Because newbies really don’t understand technical analytics like Bounce Rates. This is worth sharing.
    Lisa Chaves recently posted..5 Tactical Tools for Social Media ManagementMy Profile

  41. avatar
    Sushant says:

    Hello Sara Young,
    I am a new blogger and do not have much traffic on the blog.All the post i write about are not interrelated, i mean i do not write about some specific.Does that increase bounce rate too as i am having very high bounce rate.
    Sushant recently posted..Comment on Testimonials by ShellyMy Profile

  42. avatar
    Nathan says:

    Thanks for your great ways. I especially like the last one.
    Well done! :-)

  43. avatar
    Prateek Pandey

    These were great tips Sara, reducing the bounce could be great help in avoiding the panda effects..

  44. avatar

    Very effective post. Many people have discussed here about bounce rate. I just want to say only line that we should optimize website landing page properly to reduce bounce rate. Keep update informative post.

  45. avatar
    Aisha says:

    You have shared great tips…but i want to add one more tip here: Be Thorough – check browser compatibility.
    Different web browsers will interpret your content differently. Your site may work perfectly in the browser that was used throughout its development and testing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will run just as smoothly in other browsers. Not only may your content be slightly out of alignment, but entire pages can be left horribly disfigured – and this kind of poor user experience will cause visitors to leave your site immediately upon arrival.

  46. avatar
    kevin says:

    the content needs to be relavant to what they are looking for.. Find out what makes your site sticky

  47. avatar
    Vinay says:

    Bounce rate is a major issue for website. Thanks for your great tips to reduce bounce rate. It is a needed information for SEO. Nice sharing.

  48. avatar
    Matt says:

    Bounce rate is a big issue for my website. It’s a coupon code website, which people don’t tend to spend a lot of time on. Maybe I add a pop-up lightbox with special offers to keep website visitors engaged…
    Matt recently posted..iPage CouponMy Profile

  49. avatar

    Agree… Navigation is so important thing for a website, it’s almost the key point for a website to be successful… Nice article Sara:)

  50. avatar
    Test Drive Booking says:

    Thank you for sharing. A few clicks should get him/her to the page the individual wants to check out. This is not always the case and visitors are left puzzled and decide to leave.

  51. avatar
    Shaun Hoobler says:

    I didn’t know my blog has any bounce rate until you mention it. Thanks, man.
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted..app dev kitMy Profile

  52. avatar
    Julia Greco says:

    I think that is the very essence of effective SEO— reducing the bounce rates and actually increasing customers who would want to browse further.

  53. avatar
    Richard A. Lewis

    These are some very helpful but often ignored tips. It is very hard for some people to understand that black background scare clients away. That ads although great for revenue put way too much into someones face will scare them away instantly. This is something good for every Internet Marketer to inform their clients about often.
    Richard A. Lewis recently posted..3 Mistakes Business Owners make with their Google Plus PagesMy Profile

  54. avatar
    Raj roushan says:

    Hello sara,
    I am new blogger and i don’t have any idea about boune rate will u please help me in knowing this bounce rate i will be thankfull to you.my blog has very less trafic please suggest some tips to increase the trafic.
    Raj roushan recently posted..Pika Software Builder Crack+KeygenMy Profile

  55. avatar
    Nasser says:

    those effective ways can be so nice … because they make any one of us know new strategies and new ideas that will make us know more and more … from what i read i will start to be a good blogger ….”" Keep your site navigation as simple as possible. If you have a lot of content, make sure it is well organized and easily searchable. Create a site map; this could really make a huge difference. Bounce rates are bound to drop if you clean up your navigation problems.”"

  56. avatar
    rahul pahal

    the most effective way to reduce the bounce rate is to write a focused and effective/valuable content. Tagging can do a bit more in reducing the bounce rate.

  57. avatar

    The best to decrease bounce rate is to either enagage users in conversation or make them read other posts of your blog…

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